Boringness. Keeping your mind somewhere else.

Today is Sunday, and it’s been the most boring day, among other Sundays… I woke up at 6am, as I’m used to that since a couple of months ago. At 6:10 I was eating breakfast, and so fast, I finished it up in 5 minutes. I turned on the Mac, the iPad, started watching “El Internado” (Spanish series). Later on, after watching just one episode, I looked for my Philosophy text-book, to see if there is anything about psychology (next test topic). Instead of psychology, I spent two hours reading about philosophy, Aristotle, ethics, logic problems. Then I studied Chemistry, Biology and Physics, again (I studied yesterday). After that I went to my room, start the PlayStation and played a couple of MW2 matches, and saw another episode. 10:27am.

COME ON!!!!!!

So, yeah, it wasn’t even time for lunch and I was like “… Now what?”. Bad for me, the friends I use to text to, were on a party last night, so… They were kind of “sleeping” soo…. Started playing every kind of tower defense games I found. After an eternity (30 minutes) was time for dinner, cool. A couple of hours to eat, watch tv and… Again, what do I do?

I downloaded Homer’s Odyssey, and after reading a 50 pages Introduction and realizing I got 1050 pages left, I quit. A friend text me, ok, time for being a normal teenager who can spend minutes of his life just texting, and waiting for the other to text back. No thanks, too annoying.

I wrote that because I was boring, hours ago… Now, I’m still bored, but thankfully, I’m half-sleep. Let’s first say one thing: boringness comes when you don’t know what to do, or when you don’t have the internal forces to do anything (not physical force). When you, like me, did everything this morning, or yesterday, you’re more likely to be bored, than someone that’s still doing everything you did.

Of course, you feel bored in class, but that’s more like some sort of “procrastination” feeling. You don’t want to be there, because you think you are wasting time (and admit it, sometimes you are), so you put your mind, or part of it, somewhere else.

Now, that’s some kind of boringness, the other kind is… Different, in a way I think I couldn’t explain in words even if I try, but I will. This other type is in some way not boringness, maybe psychologists have another word, or maybe I just need to look up on a dictionary. The thing is, that this kind of boringness comes when you feel bad.

Comes when you feel bad emotionally, when you are in an uncommon state of sadness (although the word wouldn’t be sadness either). Well, let’s say you just heard of something bad happened to some family member, to some friend, you feel bad, and maybe you try to talk to someone, but, let’s say you are alone at your home, you feel impotent… Now you feel a fake boringness feeling (this type of boringness) because you don’t know what to do, what to do to not think of that ugly thought.

Another, worse, example, would be heard something from someone, let’s say a friend, that deeply hurts you, but it shouldn’t. What I mean here is that everybody got its secrets, and if your friend doesn’t know them, it’s possible it can hurt, without realizing on that. So, on the example, you’re hurt, you, again feel impotent, some kind of “what the hell” effect. You feel like you don’t know what to do, because you feel that any action you may do is not related to what harm you, so you don’t have to waste energy on that.

Now, what can we do to overcome this boringness feeling? Or this worse fake boringness feeling? Do something that doesn’t requires the brain to function. It’s weird but when we are boring, as I said before, I think, it’s because our mind are deeply concentrated in our thoughts, it’s like our minds were somewhere else, but out body (us) doesn’t wants to listen to that, just wants to do something to not feel impotent. So, in a contradictory state, let’s do something, like watch tv, to turn ourselves off. Like in automatic mode.

This can be easy, but sometimes it does requires you to stop thinking, and that’s a hard one. Because thinking of not thinking automatically makes us think, but there you go, try your best, think of turtles, or windows, or even sandwiches just to keep your mind open, letting the bad thoughts get out using the back door…

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