We are all a little egocentric, I think

A person sitting on a cliff watching the sunny skies.

It’s a weird thought. And the most dumb thing is that you’ve probably heard that. If you haven’t, and even if you have, I invite you to keep reading. And analyzing yourself on the process.

Being egocentric means to be self-centered, to “just think about ourselves”. We might find ourselves calling others that way, a friend, a family member, a character on books or movies. Yet what some of us fail to understand is that we are egocentric.

Think about it. It’s your life, your thoughts, your actions. Of course at several times we’re going to think about things that are completely outside our lives; say, situation on the other side of the globe, Romney and Obama fighting for the presidency, some celebrities news or anything else unrelated to us. But most of the time we’re thinking about our lives: about how to act, what will happen next, what should happen, what is happening around, what to say, among others…

So basically, we think about ourselves, and some times only about ourselves. At that times we don’t realize it at first but we’re actually egocentric. So being egocentric doesn’t have to be always a personality characteristic (used wisely, it doesn’t). Some people are egocentric by personality, though.

I could give you examples. One I’ve used before with other purpose is when we read some random statistic about our region/city/country. When we see the “3,464,401 people blah blah in your region” thing you automatically think you’re that one.

it’s a simple effect due to a simple trigger: one means unit, and in some abstract way the unit means something absolute: the everything. And since it’s your life, your thoughts, you become the center of your universe, just as everyone else. Because yes, bad things happen when your center is not you but another person, or thing…

One question for you. Who do you think is the person on the picture? Who do you think it represents? The person, not the picture… Think about it.

Photo by Janicskovsky.

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