Misplaced memory archive: Deja-vu!

A film with memories

Or at least that’s one way to look at it. What if a deja-vu (you know, that moment you feel you’re seeing or hearing or experiencing something you already have experienced, yet you haven’t), is actually you remembering something? That is, finding an old memory of such experience. Obviously, an old memory that shouldn’t be there.

So where would it come from? That’s the tricky part. It comes from the present, being a new memory treated as an old one. See what am I aiming to? Well, this thought led me to think a few things about our own mind and how memories work.

First of all, I see memories as files on a computer. How big or how much time the file covers is still unknown to me (I have no idea, yet). So, imagine a long table with pictures arranged in a straight line. Every image comes with its own set of sensorial stimulus: Imagine each image to be “connected” to a specific smell, sound, texture (so to say a tact stimuli) and taste. So there are 5 different memory lines (or 6 if you count thoughts, although I find it very difficult to remember thoughts, you don’t?), being all connected so that a specific smell may trigger the other memories attached.

On the other hand, not every memory section (instance of 5 senses in memory) have the actual 5 senses saved, so in many cases we don’t store memories like the taste when in a not-related-to-food-or-mouth-whatsoever situation, right? In many other cases I understand the senses are just blocked, to be accessed by other means.

Back to deja-vus, What would it take for a new memory to become an old one and also be triggered just there?

Machine malfunction/Actual function

Not to say the machine is actually broken, as every machine experiences this (minds!), something happens inside it so that the memory is misplaced. On one hand there’s the theory it is a deprecated mechanism (a thing like the appendix but in the brain), and there’s the theory (more like a wild guess) that it’s a mistake.

My goal with my words here are always to make you think, not to actually show you a truth I don’t know in the fist place, so there might be another explanation. I don’t even know if scientists have discovered it yet. But, you might don’t know about deja-vus and how the memory works, and probably haven’t thought about it very well. So this is a thought I want you to think about and accept, disregard, or just leave it with interrogation signs for future reference.

Wrapping up

Each second or some other sort of time section is stored in memory in three different sites, sometimes using blank memories to fill unnecessary information (like taste!… In most cases), so that a machine creates the memory and another one takes it and places it at the end of the long table, creating a “memory lane”. Yet some times, the second machine screw things up and places one or two “memory packs” (5 senses.. I think you got that) into some random place in the past. Outside your head, in reality, you’re still receiving (almost) the same stimulus a second later, so that some of the 5 senses (or the 5) trigger the third machine that looks for “matches” in old memories, and finds the misplaced pack. That’s a deja-vu.

Do you have another theory not associated with machines? Robots? Pictures and lanes? Or can you explain this theory with a different perspective? Everything is welcome in here, so that you mind and everybody else’s keep working!

Photo by mika.

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