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This space was created in February 3, 2011. It’s a blog in which I write on a regular basis (yeah… let’s say regular), about several co-related topics: Mind-related articles (thinking as an individual), People in general (thinking as being part of something bigger, or watching the crowds), and psychics-related articles (from a different perspective, trying to make them “mix well” with the rest of the blog).


Even as a blogger, I’ve never liked to call new entries “posts” (nor entries), so I call them articles. What I write about is not personal as if this blog were some sort of journal or diary. My entries are more like articles… Some internal debate about my own thoughts on society, people, my own mind and the physic world around me.

I base my article mostly on observation. Some times they are just plain thoughts, ideas or abstract thinking, so to say… And those thoughts didn’t come from nowhere. I’ve written articles based on my personal story; being a myopic person made me write about how myopia may affect a child in the future. Because I like video-games and hate people who don’t understand the beauty, the why-are-they-here, I wrote down and explained 10 (positive) things video-games can do to your child.

On the other hand, sometimes my articles come less from “omnipresent situations” in my life, and more from recent events, like when I wrote about the word “Yes“, inspired by some movie I just saw that day. Or that article about “Personal knowledge management” I wrote just after learning the concept.

Even feelings can drive anyone to create something (or at least not to create, but how to create it). I’ve written “sad” articles talking about how sad is to be optimistic about people at the end, and “happy” articles explaining life (or specifically, the “life curve” we believe in).

If you want to dig into my thoughts… Here are all of them, ordered by date.

It’s amazing how life can make us think, while watching in retrospective (remembering), or even life events as simple as watching a movie, learning something new, or in a few words, doing something different. Being in automatic all-day won’t make us think… Or at least not different from ten minutes ago, a day ago, a year ago… The point is to think, and to think different, not than other people, but than yourself… Make your head produce many different thoughts. You’ll be amazed on how many things will come up out of that, and how interesting they will be.


  1. Got a Moleskine and started to write on it.
  2. Thought “Hey! It would be nice to develop this ideas”.
  3. Created a little blog, not too fancy, just to write.
  4. Liked writing, so I took it seriously: I designed a real blog.
  5. Got lost in the way somehow. The content changed.
  6. Re-thought blog and original idea: cleaned content.
  7. Wrote article after article, in a regular way.
  8. Stopped due to studies, college preparation.
  9. Planned a rebirth, redesign of the blog, with fresh content.
  10. … Here we are.

Venezuelan English

Perhaps you know a little about Venezuela: We speak Spanish, not English. So why is there a website from this country written in English? It’s quite simple… At first I wanted to practice, to improve my English. Because of that, I started writing in English; so far, that hasn’t changed.

One of the first articles I wrote had the worst spelling mistakes I’ve ever seen (well, not that much), even when at the time I didn’t realize, I sure could say a year later that “Lines of thoughts” was awfully written, even being one of the thoughts I feel happy to have developed (written).


Mathias San Miguel, born in 1996. Thinking human being from Venezuela. Currently finishing high-school. Geek, web developer and designer (or sort of). Curious, but selective, reader. Try-to-be-selective hobbyist, japanese culture fan, gamer, writer.

That’s me… Kind of… I am a human, I do think and I am from Venezuela. The rest is true to some degree (that degree is that I don’t get paid for any of those things). But yes… That’s me, more or less. I wanted an original about page for this blog, but perhaps I failed there (Or not?).

You can follow me on twitter, or just the blog’s articles. You can also follow the feed with an RSS reeder or by email. If you really (And I mean really) like this blog, my thoughts, or the fact that I think and write to make others think (and do whatever they’d like with those thoughts), you might as well contribute yourself to the blog by buying me a book from my Amazon’s wishlist. On the other hand, you might as well just follow, read, and pass the word :)


This is me, now.