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Life Light

When life tells us “You’re just wrong”

I’ve been out for a while, out of my hometown, out of the internet (or at least my appearance has been severely decreased) and while that was natural due to a big change in my life (moving out to college), what never appeared to me as “normal” was my lack of ideas for writings for […]

Resting feet

Pauses in life

Have you ever felt you were wasting time? Not a minute or hour, but days. Think about it for a second. Have you ever, at some point in your life, felt you were not doing anything productive, meaningful, fruitful for you or anyone else? I’m not talking about good or bad things, but about something, […]

A kid using a Nintendo DS

Why do children like video-games?

That’s a question I never thought about, until some days ago, when I was reading through some web forums’ posts, and some random worried parent asked what was the deal with his son playing video-games so much. I was curious about the question, so I kept digging, and found tons of other parents complaining about […]

A phone with low batteries

We are worrying too much about little things

Today we’re living in a half real, half virtual, society. And yet the “virtual” part is becoming real. It’s not bad, I must say, disagreeing with almost everyone. Electronic devices appeared a while ago and they’re not going anywhere. I think centuries ago people said the same things about new devices, like when the printing […]

A man in a writers' block, struggling with himself to find words.

How to Get a Super-Productive Hour: 6 Steps

Productivity is something related to doing, doing more in less time. You are productive when you’re doing more, in quantity, not reducing quality, in less time (some would object on the quality part…). But what do your mind has to say? Being productive is a matter of being conscious of yourself, doing stuff regularly and […]

"jack johnson:supposed to be" - by visualpanic

Why do we like to lose focus?

Starting with unicellular organisms, going through all the evolution process to finally get to the present humans, which are still animals, but can think. We can think and that’s where everything around us came from. Starting from the tools, the alchemy, the chemistry, the maths, and the rest of sciences, we are here, living in […]

Listen to your own music

Loosing focus with Music

Days ago I wrote an article talking about Why do we like to lose focus? and frankly I do believe that we actually look for distractions. Even then, our mind in a continuous vortex of strings, mechanisms and complex stuff that, at least now, doesn’t have sense, and yet it works. Today’s article is kind […]