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An open shot of a library

Why do we like (some) stories?

Just these last days I was struck by this question. Why do we like stories? A question so simply formulated and so hard to answer. I’ll just try and write this article, which, in the end, is written to make you think by yourself about the question and possible answers. As everything is relative this […]

Little world

Mental exercise: construct an idea

The concept of “idea” is as abstract as the idea itself, therefore I wanted to write “world” or “story” instead of “idea” in the title, but as you see, if you can construct both, and more, the fact is that you’re building an idea. But how are you doing such a thing? You are not, […]

Watching guy

Knowledge: from observation to ideas

Knowledge is everywhere. Knowledge is information, and it can be gathered from literally anywhere. This information, this knowledge, can be obtained anywhere you look at, or use any other sense. That’s why it’s said that observation is a way to get information by the use of the senses and sometimes (introspection, or some sort), the […]

A kind of flower in a colored background

Creativity: it’s about taking care of your ideas, concentrating and time

Once people on different places talk about creativity, I always wonder if they have really thought about it. There are thousands of tips online. How to be creativity, they say. How can you explain to someone to be creativity. Either you are creative, or you are not. But the thing here is to understand the […]

A guy in a park reading a book in a bench

Optimistic about people in general

I certainly have a cynical point of view of society (the word sticked with me after my previous article). I believe friendships in high-school are fragile and mostly superficial (not all of them, but most). I’m capable of thinking that, in a few years, I’ll forget about 99% of the people I met here. I’m […]


RSA Animate. Interesting, explanatory videos.

I haven’t been so “awake” these days to study for the SAT, TOEFL and Venezuelan universities, read about C and Python programming, watch MIT classes on iTunes U and playing Inotia3 on my iPad to also think enough to write articles for the blog every three days as I decided months ago… But I’m trying […]

A cat escaping from a box in the yard

Philosophizing… For good.

We people tend to live our lives in one of two ways. Either we care a lot of what’s happening somewhere else, or we care just about what’s happening around. But the truth is we’re always doing something, thinking on doing things and not thinking farther than that. Writers, artists and creativity workers around the […]