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Creativity: it’s about taking care of your ideas, concentrating and time

Once people on different places talk about creativity, I always wonder if they have really thought about it. There are thousands of tips online. How to be creativity, they say. How can you explain to someone to be creativity. Either you are creative, or you are not. But the thing here is to understand the […]

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Love and arts

Ending the year with a love-themed article… That doesn’t sound like me… As a little kid I remember wondering how people could end a relationship with someone if they were supposedly in love. One of the made-up answers was that they were not in love anymore. Now, why wouldn’t they be in love? Nothing teaches […]

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Language that’s spoken, language that’s written

Any given language has words you can say speaking but not write them at all, or words that you write but don’t usually say because no conversation would have them in. Think about words like “gotta”, a contraction for “have got to”. Speaking the “have got to” may become “gotta”. ut you wouldn’t write gotta […]

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Language and Mathematics:
Math being “poetry” for some makes sense

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about mathematics. Firstly because I’m gathering information for a thesis (should I call it that way being for high-school senior year?), and well, secondly because it’s quite interesting reading about great mathematicians and how they saw and see the world and the math. The thing is that from all […]

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Sell Anything Using a Little Psychology Trick

You’re entering a brand new department store in your town. You’re looking for a new printer. You need nothing more than the thing to be able to print. So, reached the “Printers Department” (How convenient) and started looking at the printers. You have thousand of different brands, sizes, capabilities. You just need it to print, […]

"Real Academia Española" - by Um gaúcho na Catalunha

American Spanish vs. Spain’s Spanish

Since I’ve been using computers and read blogs, forums and other sites, I have always seen the difference between an english site and a spanish one (talking about language), but also, I’ve seen differences between spanish sites. As so, American spanish is different from Spain’s spanish. So reading (and obviously, listening) American spanish is normal […]

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Discovering Venezuelan Spanish

As some of the most curious readers may know after reading the about page, I’m from Venezuela; I actually live there so I surely know at least something about idioms and regional variations (west-east becomes really different, and even in the west, the Andean region speaks at a slow pace, different from south-west states, with […]