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The drawing of what's explained in the text.

We all own a Castle

The idea of being something else, more than someone else. A metaphor, a concept, to be a planet interacting with other planets, a sheep following the leading pigs, a house of emotions, where your thoughts speak their minds. The idea of being a castle. Interesting. To be a castle, as a human being, means to […]

A film with memories

Misplaced memory archive: Deja-vu!

Or at least that’s one way to look at it. What if a deja-vu (you know, that moment you feel you’re seeing or hearing or experiencing something you already have experienced, yet you haven’t), is actually you remembering something? That is, finding an old memory of such experience. Obviously, an old memory that shouldn’t be […]

Little world

Mental exercise: construct an idea

The concept of “idea” is as abstract as the idea itself, therefore I wanted to write “world” or “story” instead of “idea” in the title, but as you see, if you can construct both, and more, the fact is that you’re building an idea. But how are you doing such a thing? You are not, […]

Bookstore shelves

The infinity of things: Knowledge

The more you know, the more you left unknown, consciously. That means that for every little thing you know, there are many you don’t, some of which you become conscious of once you start knowing the first thing. That is, knowing something means you start knowing the fact that you don’t know some other things. […]

A girl is seen on water. Only the up side is seen.

Perception of reality: happy times, sad times and self-esteem.

Have you ever heard that a person who feels taller than others loves itself more? You may call that person egocentric or whatever you like, but it’s a fact, that somehow your perception of your stature has a direct relation to your self-esteem. It doesn’t matter if you’re little or 7 feet tall, the perception […]

A sad guy sitting on a bed

Why I can’t be creative while feeling sad (And why you should care about it)

When we are happy, we think clearly, or at least we feel so. We may not see some bad things “as they are”, but we do see good things, and in general, we feel “normal” and feel life “fluid”. On the meantime, as everything is “normal”, thoughts are clean and you feel good, creativity comes […]

A Question Mark

Creativity boost! Answer: questions!

If there is something that always gets me knock out of writing, drawing, and anything that has something to do with creativity is in fact, the lack of creativity. It’s not that I lack of creativity, but that at the moment, there no inspiration, and no creativity, as an energy value, not as a adjective, […]