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Slowing down

I’m in a time of my life when my life needs more attention than I usually give to it. And while my goal has always been to be able to “control” several projects (or long-term tasks, to look at it that way), I know right now I can’t accomplish that. A few months ago I […]

The new, redesigned, Mathias’ Blog

It’s been a while since I don’t publish a word on this blog. But hey, I have my reasons (getting accepted on my country’s best university is one =) ). Since I found myself letting my blog die slowly being forgotten and losing readers, I just needed to relaunch it, let it reborn or something […]

Some changes to come ahead…

My desk, with laptop, moleskine, lamp, and a black-board

Special 100th Post: My favorites

Few! 100 posts already? it’s been just a year and a half! Well… Now it seems too little. Alright I don’t post regularly, or not as much regularly as I wished I could; yet I love to write this posts and it feels good to get to a 3 digits number (just as it felt […]