5 Rules to become a decent liar

A black suit

A nice person is that who respects, who’s tolerant and accepts the existence of other people. Are you any different from that? If you are, in any way, a little intolerant, or sometimes you wish others weren’t around you (like that creepy fellow on the bus, that annoying neighbor of yours or a dumb politician in charge), you should at least (out of respect) be respectful, in any way you can. Even lying.

When you lie, you should follow some rules that won’t make you a good liar, but will make you a respectful, decent, liar (maybe on the inside wishing you could tell the harsh truth).

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Remembering with sounds and smells

A girl smelling a flower

This is something curious I thought about several days ago. I know, and I figure you know too, that senses trigger memories sometimes. You can see a face and remember a person, or by smelling a perfume, hearing a voice… You can trigger memories from specific smell, sounds, senses… If they relate to your life in some way.

There are different kind of senses, and a different times we pay attention to them in different proportions. Some times we listen more carefully than we smell, or touch more than we taste, or well, you get the idea. Referring only to sounds and smells, I noted something odd…

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Knowledge: from observation to ideas

Watching guy

Knowledge is everywhere. Knowledge is information, and it can be gathered from literally anywhere. This information, this knowledge, can be obtained anywhere you look at, or use any other sense. That’s why it’s said that observation is a way to get information by the use of the senses and sometimes (introspection, or some sort), the use of out own minds.

So, being knowledge everywhere, could it be important to understand how it works? where does it come from? Obviously the answer is yes.

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Why do you feel bad?

A guy with two coffees waiting for someone

People can feel bad on a daily basis. You may be a lucky person a don’t feel bad in days… Or an unlucky person and feel bad every day, every hour. The thing is that we all usually feel bad in a daily basis. IT’s not that we get depressed, sad or alike, but something makes us feel, at least a little bit, bad.

Have you felt bad today? Possibly (not necessarily probable). That only means you are human, you’re a person and you understand that you can’t be ok with everything around you.

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Creativity: it’s about taking care of your ideas, concentrating and time

A kind of flower in a colored background

Once people on different places talk about creativity, I always wonder if they have really thought about it. There are thousands of tips online. How to be creativity, they say. How can you explain to someone to be creativity. Either you are creative, or you are not.

But the thing here is to understand the “you are” doesn’t mean you, as a person, are, in general. The “you are” means you, right now, are or not, creative. So, in other words, it’s about time.

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What is “perfectionism” to you?

Straight Perfection

If I told you to related that word to a personality, to a person… That person would probably be one that finds mistakes in everything: “The floor is too white”, “the paintings are not straight”, “the text has a mistake”. That sort of things are what you probably associate to a perfectionist.

I’m not going to say you’re wrong, but I just have a different concept; I take a different approach when I define myself as a perfectionist.

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The new, redesigned, Mathias’ Blog

It’s been a while since I don’t publish a word on this blog. But hey, I have my reasons (getting accepted on my country’s best university is one =) ). Since I found myself letting my blog die slowly being forgotten and losing readers, I just needed to relaunch it, let it reborn or something with re- on it, because it wouldn’t be the first time. Yet, it would be the best, so far.

And what’s new? A completely new design, more elegant and stylish (what a word, huh?). What else? SEVEN new articles for you to read and pay my blog bills (that is, letting you starve from my content). Now, after the break, the list of articles that will be published in the next 6 days (7 days, total), one each day, first hour in the morning.

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