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Feels weird to say this, but I’m sorry to not have been able to update this blog in months. I have several reasons, yet no excuse. I have been attending college for some time, which, at first, really took me time to adapt, and in general, takes way more time, in every possible way, than […]

Resting feet

Pauses in life

Have you ever felt you were wasting time? Not a minute or hour, but days. Think about it for a second. Have you ever, at some point in your life, felt you were not doing anything productive, meaningful, fruitful for you or anyone else? I’m not talking about good or bad things, but about something, […]

Dirty glasses

One way to get rid of bad habits

It’s hard to realize you have a bad habit. At first sometimes you try to deny it; you try to tell yourself it’s not a bad habit, just a one-time thing. After a while, though, some part of your brain tells the other part that yes, in fact, you have a bad habit. And what […]

A bunch of post-it notes that read "Do it!"

Procrastination as a prize? Think twice

One of many ways of behavior changing techniques you can “apply on yourself”, say, to become a better student, get rid of social awkwardness, or virtually any characteristic you feel is bad for you, is that of giving yourself a prize for any goal accomplished. While that is pretty much ok, what kind of prize […]

Watching TV, focused on the person's shoe.

Productive or leisure time?

When we talk about leisure time we mostly refer to activities unrelated to work, to duties, to numbers. Leisure according to many people is the time you spend watching TV, going to a party or listening to music. It is actually, by dictionary, the time you spend on those things. But there is a twist. […]

Space Mountain track at Walt Disney World

Triggers for “Speed-Thinking”

I write this in order to put this thoughts somewhere, besides my notebooks (pretty much like any other article here in the blog). What makes this different is that I’m not sure enough to say this is applicable to everybody. If it is, well, great. If it’s not, well, you’ve been advised. It’s not that […]

A phone with low batteries

We are worrying too much about little things

Today we’re living in a half real, half virtual, society. And yet the “virtual” part is becoming real. It’s not bad, I must say, disagreeing with almost everyone. Electronic devices appeared a while ago and they’re not going anywhere. I think centuries ago people said the same things about new devices, like when the printing […]