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An open shot of a library

Why do we like (some) stories?

Just these last days I was struck by this question. Why do we like stories? A question so simply formulated and so hard to answer. I’ll just try and write this article, which, in the end, is written to make you think by yourself about the question and possible answers. As everything is relative this […]

A film with memories

Misplaced memory archive: Deja-vu!

Or at least that’s one way to look at it. What if a deja-vu (you know, that moment you feel you’re seeing or hearing or experiencing something you already have experienced, yet you haven’t), is actually you remembering something? That is, finding an old memory of such experience. Obviously, an old memory that shouldn’t be […]

Masks on a table

Relationships and hypocrisy

If one thing is hard in this life is to have a real connection to another human being. I’m not talking about significant others, romantically, but any kind of connection, to be real, fulfilling. Some people call that to have a “good relationship”. Having a good relationship not only means that both are comfortable with […]

A group of young adults

Is it “a” social group? or is it “your” social group? Define your circles

Social groups are something we don’t usually think about. It’s something that’s there or is not. Either way, it’s something we don’t think about because we don’t like to think about it. It’s the magic of “friendship” and social relationships in general we like to believe in: Everything is magical and natural so that we […]

A group of people hugging in the middle of a street

Social groups… Are you part of one?

The most obvious answer could be “Yes”, yet not all of us are part of a group, many can say they are. Even if the group is a friend, it’s a group, right? Well, in a strict way of thinking, you can think of groups as subjective abstract circles, or objectives ones. That is, circles […]

A girl talking to a hydrant.

How much do you share with others?

A relationship is any kind of bond between to things, in this case (and probably the rest of this blog’s article), relating people. When you ask a stranger for the time, you’re creating a connection. With a friend, you have a bond, too. The same with family and any kind of acquaintance. Of course, those […]

A Question Mark

Creativity boost! Answer: questions!

If there is something that always gets me knock out of writing, drawing, and anything that has something to do with creativity is in fact, the lack of creativity. It’s not that I lack of creativity, but that at the moment, there no inspiration, and no creativity, as an energy value, not as a adjective, […]