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Why do children like video-games?

That’s a question I never thought about, until some days ago, when I was reading through some web forums’ posts, and some random worried parent asked what was the deal with his son playing video-games so much. I was curious about the question, so I kept digging, and found tons of other parents complaining about […]

The mental apartment – Constant study analogy

Constancy is supposed to be a state of no changes. Something to be constant is to be unaltered in any way, by anything. That’s why, in math (and other areas), there are things called constants, that generally are specific numbers that never change. Pi, which is 3,1416… is a great example. But when we use […]

Interests, focus on unnecessary things

For years I have always been focused on several interests. When I was a kid, for example, I was either collecting trading cards (like, Yu-Gi-Oh, Duel Masters and so on…), or playing video games. By seasons my mind have organized those interests. And I say “my mind” as a third-party entity… (Just meaning my unconscious […]