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Hypothetical Universes. Just picture it

What is a hypothesis? It’s a supposition made upon something based on current (limited) information. That is, a statement that might or might not be true, but if only the original facts (information) are taken into account, it cannot be proven wrong. If you know humans can talk and that humans cannot use magic spells, […]

Complaining about something you don’t like?

Some time ago I wrote in my notebook “Change things to complain about by different things to complain about”. As almost always, it was in the night/morning time —I was sleepy—, and by the time I woke up the next day I forgot the meaning of that. It sadly happens a lot, but just few […]

What we listen to is a reflection of ourselves

We have different likes on everything but even more different when it comes to music. You hardly will find someone who likes the same artists and groups you do, the same way you do. Perhaps they like U2 more than you. Anyway, there are different theories of why is that. The most common and widely […]