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Creativity found on watching simple cartoons

To lend you some background… A couple of days ago I enjoyed the view of an old movie I remember watching in a VHS like a decade ago. It was “Digimon: The Movie“, an animated movie based on the anime series “Digimon“, in which digital creatures exist in a digital world, with which selected (digi-destined) […]

Why do children like video-games?

That’s a question I never thought about, until some days ago, when I was reading through some web forums’ posts, and some random worried parent asked what was the deal with his son playing video-games so much. I was curious about the question, so I kept digging, and found tons of other parents complaining about […]

Are people, children, teens just that simple?

Welcome 2013, even if it’s late… After a year of blogging about life-related thoughts, I can say I’ve read through a lot of articles, forums, and other discussion sites regarding questions about other people. Parents asking why their children are ding something too much, teens asking why their best friend doesn’t talk to them anymore; […]