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When life tells us “You’re just wrong”

I’ve been out for a while, out of my hometown, out of the internet (or at least my appearance has been severely decreased) and while that was natural due to a big change in my life (moving out to college), what never appeared to me as “normal” was my lack of ideas for writings for […]

Hypothetical Universes. Just picture it

What is a hypothesis? It’s a supposition made upon something based on current (limited) information. That is, a statement that might or might not be true, but if only the original facts (information) are taken into account, it cannot be proven wrong. If you know humans can talk and that humans cannot use magic spells, […]

Mental exercise: construct an idea

The concept of “idea” is as abstract as the idea itself, therefore I wanted to write “world” or “story” instead of “idea” in the title, but as you see, if you can construct both, and more, the fact is that you’re building an idea. But how are you doing such a thing? You are not, […]

Why I can’t be creative while feeling sad (And why you should care about it)

When we are happy, we think clearly, or at least we feel so. We may not see some bad things “as they are”, but we do see good things, and in general, we feel “normal” and feel life “fluid”. On the meantime, as everything is “normal”, thoughts are clean and you feel good, creativity comes […]

Creativity boost! Answer: questions!

If there is something that always gets me knock out of writing, drawing, and anything that has something to do with creativity is in fact, the lack of creativity. It’s not that I lack of creativity, but that at the moment, there no inspiration, and no creativity, as an energy value, not as a adjective, […]

Creativity: it’s about taking care of your ideas, concentrating and time

Once people on different places talk about creativity, I always wonder if they have really thought about it. There are thousands of tips online. How to be creativity, they say. How can you explain to someone to be creativity. Either you are creative, or you are not. But the thing here is to understand the […]

Creativity found on watching simple cartoons

To lend you some background… A couple of days ago I enjoyed the view of an old movie I remember watching in a VHS like a decade ago. It was “Digimon: The Movie“, an animated movie based on the anime series “Digimon“, in which digital creatures exist in a digital world, with which selected (digi-destined) […]