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What kind of information are we willing to share with others?

Following a past article (We are much like Venn diagrams), in which we ended with a few conclusions, I’m writing this to complete those ideas with more ideas; this time aiming not to the relationships themselves, but to the inner part of a relationship, and how people organize their own information, just to know which […]

How much do you share with others?

A relationship is any kind of bond between to things, in this case (and probably the rest of this blog’s article), relating people. When you ask a stranger for the time, you’re creating a connection. With a friend, you have a bond, too. The same with family and any kind of acquaintance. Of course, those […]

Perception of reality: happy times, sad times and self-esteem.

Have you ever heard that a person who feels taller than others loves itself more? You may call that person egocentric or whatever you like, but it’s a fact, that somehow your perception of your stature has a direct relation to your self-esteem. It doesn’t matter if you’re little or 7 feet tall, the perception […]

Inside-jokes and knowledge create communities

I talked in a past article on how inside-jokes work, and how they help building relationships, as individuals, or groups. I also highlighted the fact that there’s no need for them to be jokes, rather than plain knowledge. Specially if that knowledge brings you some kind of emotion: sharing that emotion with someone else, and […]

Inside-jokes for relationships?

I don’t know if it’s a well-known fact —or if it’s a fact at all— that inside-jokes help a lot in build a relationship with anybody. Friends, colleagues, even people you like in a “couple” way, as far as I know, feel closer to you when you can establish a joke only the two —or […]

Old experiences treated as new, different ones

I wrote an article these days about how new experiences have a thrilling effect in us. They certainly cause us to feel weird, and when the outcome turns out to be good, we not only feel good, but really good. So, yes, that’s more or less the thing with new experiences. Now, old experiences also […]