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Why do we like (some) stories?

Just these last days I was struck by this question. Why do we like stories? A question so simply formulated and so hard to answer. I’ll just try and write this article, which, in the end, is written to make you think by yourself about the question and possible answers. As everything is relative this […]

It might happen, but it probably won’t

Sometimes when we try to look forward, to think in what will happen just to plan an action ahead of time —say, guessing someone is going to ask you about your black eye after a fight— we think too little about the real possibilities. In a case when we ask something and foresee a possible […]

Planning Ahead (Buying a House / Apartment)

Just by looking at anyone’s home you can see the things that look like, and the things you don’t. When people ask, then, it results hard to explain with words what you just automatically rated in your head. Sometimes it happens that you walked into any kind of house, apartment (or why not? any store, […]

Wanting knowledge? What if you had it all?

It’s something weird that people around the world have been always looking for knowledge and ways to preserve that knowledge in order to advance and gain more “specific” knowledge. Put it in this words, if you had books about medicine, it would be easier to study medicine than discovering it all by yourself, even when […]

How myopia may affect a child in the future?

Alright, I’m a 15 years old guy with myopia since I was a kid. In first grade I was already using glasses and it wasn’t until last year that I began using contact lenses. Anyway, using glasses haven’t been a problem, in a matter of school bullies or anything (not that I remember, at least). […]

Moleskine Notebook

Some time ago (maybe 7 or 8 years) my grandparents gave me a black notebook, like the one you see in the image, it’s very nice, simple and…. well, just that. It was a couple of months ago when I started to use it; years ago I was just a kid that spent his afternoons […]