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Anime series relating humans unity

Lately I’ve been able to follow past hobbies like playing retro video-games and watching new anime (japanese animation series). Specifically talking about the latter, anime has always been part of me since I first watched the Toonami segment on Cartoon Network (while sadly, it’s gone for years now in latin america). On the other hand, […]

Is it “a” social group? or is it “your” social group? Define your circles

Social groups are something we don’t usually think about. It’s something that’s there or is not. Either way, it’s something we don’t think about because we don’t like to think about it. It’s the magic of “friendship” and social relationships in general we like to believe in: Everything is magical and natural so that we […]

Social groups… Are you part of one?

The most obvious answer could be “Yes”, yet not all of us are part of a group, many can say they are. Even if the group is a friend, it’s a group, right? Well, in a strict way of thinking, you can think of groups as subjective abstract circles, or objectives ones. That is, circles […]

Inside-jokes and knowledge create communities

I talked in a past article on how inside-jokes work, and how they help building relationships, as individuals, or groups. I also highlighted the fact that there’s no need for them to be jokes, rather than plain knowledge. Specially if that knowledge brings you some kind of emotion: sharing that emotion with someone else, and […]

“Epic” Music Groups

How old are you? Old enough to have a favorite music group? If the answer is “yes”, then you are most likely to agree to what I’m about to write here; about how is it possible to have a life-long favorite group. I know, I’m in high-school, I couldn’t say for sure if my preferences […]