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Should you hate or love Mr. Solitude?

You know Mr. Solitude. We all do. It’s a nice guy sometimes, or a not-so-nice person too. He doesn’t change; he’s the same guy, but you don’t know him well enough. None of us do. And yet we like to say we dislike him or even, some of us, like him. Just as you can’t […]

Inside-jokes for relationships?

I don’t know if it’s a well-known fact —or if it’s a fact at all— that inside-jokes help a lot in build a relationship with anybody. Friends, colleagues, even people you like in a “couple” way, as far as I know, feel closer to you when you can establish a joke only the two —or […]

Love and arts

Ending the year with a love-themed article… That doesn’t sound like me… As a little kid I remember wondering how people could end a relationship with someone if they were supposedly in love. One of the made-up answers was that they were not in love anymore. Now, why wouldn’t they be in love? Nothing teaches […]