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Complaining about something you don’t like?

Some time ago I wrote in my notebook “Change things to complain about by different things to complain about”. As almost always, it was in the night/morning time —I was sleepy—, and by the time I woke up the next day I forgot the meaning of that. It sadly happens a lot, but just few […]

Yes. The power of a single word.

I don’t really like the concept of neurolinguistics and honestly I find it unrealistic. Yet I do find interesting the words “yes” and “no”. Not as words per se, but as essences of affirmation and negation, respectively. People usually tend to balance, to think affirmatively about some thoughts, actions, behavior, and negatively about other thoughts, […]

New experiences and the thrill they cause

We live our days thinking that, in general, today’s experiences will be somehow similar to yesterday’s experiences. I mean, if you have an office job or go to any kind of school, the monotony of doing almost the same things, in overall, than any other day. We know that, in reality, no day is the […]

The main difference between Military and Creativity

I may just have a cynical point of view in this one, but… if there’s something I will never understand about my country is how the high-school matter of “Pre-Military”, supposed to be the pre-preparation of adult human resources for any eventualities, must have, as a goal, to “develop creative capacity on students” and “encourage […]

The “Life Curve” most of us believe in.

Have you ever felt a little anxious about what will happen in, say, 20 years, what would be happening? What will you accomplish in that time, what will you not… What dreams will come true and which ones will stay asleep… The truth is that we all have thought of things like that. By nature […]

Break the rules, not the laws – Monotony

At some points in your life you’re going to realize you’re starting to fall into routines, into monotony. I’ve got to be honest, I can’t follow routines even if I wanted to. I can’t say everyday starting tomorrow I’ll dedicate 3pm-4pm time to study, because I won’t; I can’t break that rule, because my “system” […]