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Should you hate or love Mr. Solitude?

You know Mr. Solitude. We all do. It’s a nice guy sometimes, or a not-so-nice person too. He doesn’t change; he’s the same guy, but you don’t know him well enough. None of us do. And yet we like to say we dislike him or even, some of us, like him. Just as you can’t […]

Relationships and hypocrisy

If one thing is hard in this life is to have a real connection to another human being. I’m not talking about significant others, romantically, but any kind of connection, to be real, fulfilling. Some people call that to have a “good relationship”. Having a good relationship not only means that both are comfortable with […]

Is it “a” social group? or is it “your” social group? Define your circles

Social groups are something we don’t usually think about. It’s something that’s there or is not. Either way, it’s something we don’t think about because we don’t like to think about it. It’s the magic of “friendship” and social relationships in general we like to believe in: Everything is magical and natural so that we […]

Gifts you give… Why do you give gifts?

There is something about gifts many people are confused about. The main reason for that misunderstanding is that they don’t know the fact that they don’t know. Asking you why do you give gifts might lead to a relatively well-constructed answer. But it won’t be the real answer. I will not give an answer, but […]

Social groups… Are you part of one?

The most obvious answer could be “Yes”, yet not all of us are part of a group, many can say they are. Even if the group is a friend, it’s a group, right? Well, in a strict way of thinking, you can think of groups as subjective abstract circles, or objectives ones. That is, circles […]

What kind of information are we willing to share with others?

Following a past article (We are much like Venn diagrams), in which we ended with a few conclusions, I’m writing this to complete those ideas with more ideas; this time aiming not to the relationships themselves, but to the inner part of a relationship, and how people organize their own information, just to know which […]

We are much like Venn diagrams (You know, a set of things)

A Venn diagram is a way to represent a set of things. Picture a circle, with a name (commonly a capital letter), filled with things, elements. They can vary from being letters or numbers to words and strings. They can be anything, and the set itself is formed because all those elements have something in […]