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What kind of information are we willing to share with others?

Following a past article (We are much like Venn diagrams), in which we ended with a few conclusions, I’m writing this to complete those ideas with more ideas; this time aiming not to the relationships themselves, but to the inner part of a relationship, and how people organize their own information, just to know which […]

We are much like Venn diagrams (You know, a set of things)

A Venn diagram is a way to represent a set of things. Picture a circle, with a name (commonly a capital letter), filled with things, elements. They can vary from being letters or numbers to words and strings. They can be anything, and the set itself is formed because all those elements have something in […]

How much do you share with others?

A relationship is any kind of bond between to things, in this case (and probably the rest of this blog’s article), relating people. When you ask a stranger for the time, you’re creating a connection. With a friend, you have a bond, too. The same with family and any kind of acquaintance. Of course, those […]

Inside-jokes for relationships?

I don’t know if it’s a well-known fact —or if it’s a fact at all— that inside-jokes help a lot in build a relationship with anybody. Friends, colleagues, even people you like in a “couple” way, as far as I know, feel closer to you when you can establish a joke only the two —or […]