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Stereotypes are bad… But they have a function

When we think of stereotypes we think of general stereotypes like “asians are smart”, “blacks are thieves” or “irish are alcoholics” (I’m sorry if this insults somebody, but it’s a fact that those are stereotypes built years ago and well-known around the world). In the end, it’s impossible for that to be truth as we’re […]

Are people, children, teens just that simple?

Welcome 2013, even if it’s late… After a year of blogging about life-related thoughts, I can say I’ve read through a lot of articles, forums, and other discussion sites regarding questions about other people. Parents asking why their children are ding something too much, teens asking why their best friend doesn’t talk to them anymore; […]

People, Social Stereotypes: The actives/passives – socials/asocials.

Sometime ago, I was thinking about something a bit stupid… Why do people separate “socials” from “asocials”, I mean, not physically; why do they classify them that way? Don’t know if I’m explaining myself. Well, I actually didn’t find an answer, but a subclassification (xD). When we talk about a Social person, we imagine parties, […]