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Hypothetical Universes. Just picture it

What is a hypothesis? It’s a supposition made upon something based on current (limited) information. That is, a statement that might or might not be true, but if only the original facts (information) are taken into account, it cannot be proven wrong. If you know humans can talk and that humans cannot use magic spells, […]

Mental exercise: construct an idea

The concept of “idea” is as abstract as the idea itself, therefore I wanted to write “world” or “story” instead of “idea” in the title, but as you see, if you can construct both, and more, the fact is that you’re building an idea. But how are you doing such a thing? You are not, […]

The infinity of things: Knowledge

The more you know, the more you left unknown, consciously. That means that for every little thing you know, there are many you don’t, some of which you become conscious of once you start knowing the first thing. That is, knowing something means you start knowing the fact that you don’t know some other things. […]

Why I can’t be creative while feeling sad (And why you should care about it)

When we are happy, we think clearly, or at least we feel so. We may not see some bad things “as they are”, but we do see good things, and in general, we feel “normal” and feel life “fluid”. On the meantime, as everything is “normal”, thoughts are clean and you feel good, creativity comes […]

Knowledge: from observation to ideas

Knowledge is everywhere. Knowledge is information, and it can be gathered from literally anywhere. This information, this knowledge, can be obtained anywhere you look at, or use any other sense. That’s why it’s said that observation is a way to get information by the use of the senses and sometimes (introspection, or some sort), the […]

Why do you feel bad?

People can feel bad on a daily basis. You may be a lucky person a don’t feel bad in days… Or an unlucky person and feel bad every day, every hour. The thing is that we all usually feel bad in a daily basis. IT’s not that we get depressed, sad or alike, but something […]

Why do children like video-games?

That’s a question I never thought about, until some days ago, when I was reading through some web forums’ posts, and some random worried parent asked what was the deal with his son playing video-games so much. I was curious about the question, so I kept digging, and found tons of other parents complaining about […]