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Pauses in life

Have you ever felt you were wasting time? Not a minute or hour, but days. Think about it for a second. Have you ever, at some point in your life, felt you were not doing anything productive, meaningful, fruitful for you or anyone else? I’m not talking about good or bad things, but about something, […]

What kind of information are we willing to share with others?

Following a past article (We are much like Venn diagrams), in which we ended with a few conclusions, I’m writing this to complete those ideas with more ideas; this time aiming not to the relationships themselves, but to the inner part of a relationship, and how people organize their own information, just to know which […]

Remembering with sounds and smells

This is something curious I thought about several days ago. I know, and I figure you know too, that senses trigger memories sometimes. You can see a face and remember a person, or by smelling a perfume, hearing a voice… You can trigger memories from specific smell, sounds, senses… If they relate to your life […]

Creativity: it’s about taking care of your ideas, concentrating and time

Once people on different places talk about creativity, I always wonder if they have really thought about it. There are thousands of tips online. How to be creativity, they say. How can you explain to someone to be creativity. Either you are creative, or you are not. But the thing here is to understand the […]

Complaining about something you don’t like?

Some time ago I wrote in my notebook “Change things to complain about by different things to complain about”. As almost always, it was in the night/morning time —I was sleepy—, and by the time I woke up the next day I forgot the meaning of that. It sadly happens a lot, but just few […]

Stereotypes are bad… But they have a function

When we think of stereotypes we think of general stereotypes like “asians are smart”, “blacks are thieves” or “irish are alcoholics” (I’m sorry if this insults somebody, but it’s a fact that those are stereotypes built years ago and well-known around the world). In the end, it’s impossible for that to be truth as we’re […]

Yes. The power of a single word.

I don’t really like the concept of neurolinguistics and honestly I find it unrealistic. Yet I do find interesting the words “yes” and “no”. Not as words per se, but as essences of affirmation and negation, respectively. People usually tend to balance, to think affirmatively about some thoughts, actions, behavior, and negatively about other thoughts, […]