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Feels weird to say this, but I’m sorry to not have been able to update this blog in months. I have several reasons, yet no excuse. I have been attending college for some time, which, at first, really took me time to adapt, and in general, takes way more time, in every possible way, than […]

A lonely bird in a electricity cable.

Should you hate or love Mr. Solitude?

You know Mr. Solitude. We all do. It’s a nice guy sometimes, or a not-so-nice person too. He doesn’t change; he’s the same guy, but you don’t know him well enough. None of us do. And yet we like to say we dislike him or even, some of us, like him. Just as you can’t […]

Life Light

When life tells us “You’re just wrong”

I’ve been out for a while, out of my hometown, out of the internet (or at least my appearance has been severely decreased) and while that was natural due to a big change in my life (moving out to college), what never appeared to me as “normal” was my lack of ideas for writings for […]


Hypothetical Universes. Just picture it

What is a hypothesis? It’s a supposition made upon something based on current (limited) information. That is, a statement that might or might not be true, but if only the original facts (information) are taken into account, it cannot be proven wrong. If you know humans can talk and that humans cannot use magic spells, […]

Sword Art Online scene

Anime series relating humans unity

Lately I’ve been able to follow past hobbies like playing retro video-games and watching new anime (japanese animation series). Specifically talking about the latter, anime has always been part of me since I first watched the Toonami segment on Cartoon Network (while sadly, it’s gone for years now in latin america). On the other hand, […]

Little world

Mental exercise: construct an idea

The concept of “idea” is as abstract as the idea itself, therefore I wanted to write “world” or “story” instead of “idea” in the title, but as you see, if you can construct both, and more, the fact is that you’re building an idea. But how are you doing such a thing? You are not, […]

A girl is seen on water. Only the up side is seen.

Perception of reality: happy times, sad times and self-esteem.

Have you ever heard that a person who feels taller than others loves itself more? You may call that person egocentric or whatever you like, but it’s a fact, that somehow your perception of your stature has a direct relation to your self-esteem. It doesn’t matter if you’re little or 7 feet tall, the perception […]