Immigration to Canada from Saudi Arabia


What is a Canada PR visa?
Individuals seeking to relocate to Canada from abroad and establish residency can acquire a Canadian public relations visa upon meeting the necessary qualifications and gaining approval. The Canadian government bestows permanent resident status upon these individuals, which should not be conflated with citizenship. It’s important to note that this category is not accessible for students or individuals with temporary employment due to the provisional nature of their residency. For skilled professionals from Saudi Arabia aiming to immigrate to Canada, this pathway presents a suitable option.
What benefits does a Canadian immigrant visa offer to individuals coming from Saudi Arabia?
If you’re interested in acquiring Canadian citizenship, it’s important to be aware that obtaining a PR visa can be beneficial. This visa enables you to apply for citizenship as early as three years after arriving in Canada. Enjoy advantages like comprehensive healthcare coverage for your entire family and free education for your children until they turn 18. Additionally, you can bring family members like parents or a spouse by sponsoring them through the Family Sponsorship Program.
An additional benefit is that you can pursue PR in Canada without needing a job offer. After your arrival, you’ll have the flexibility to work anywhere you prefer and change jobs as you see fit.
What specific visa options are available for individuals from Saudi Arabia who want to immigrate to Canada?
Canada presents over 60 immigration programs, and it’s important to select the one that aligns perfectly with your profile. Before making a decision, consider the specific criteria and requirements of the program you’re interested in.
So here are a few favored and well-suited programs for applicants from Saudi Arabia:
● Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP)
● Quebec Skilled Workers Visa Program
● Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)
● Investment Programs for Businessmen
● Canadian Experience Class Program (CEC)
● Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

Are there any eligibility requirements for Canadian immigration?
Certainly, there are various immigration programs, each with specific requirements. It’s important to select your program wisely due to these criteria. We’ve provided an overview of the general eligibility conditions for applying for a permanent resident visa.
● If you’re applying through any of the three programs under Express Entry, you need to meet a minimum eligibility requirement of 67 out of 100 points. Your application score is calculated based on various factors such as your age, education level, employment history, and more.
● To showcase your language skills effectively, many programs require a minimum of 6.0 IELTS or CLB level 7. Nevertheless, certain programs accept applicants with slightly lower scores, while fluency in French could be an alternative requirement for some other programs.
● To apply, your age must not exceed 44 years. Individuals under 40 will gain extra points in their application.
● Being in a sound state of health and possessing clean legal records, supported by official certificates, is necessary.
● Most public relations programs necessitate prior professional background. A one-year work experience in Canada is usually satisfactory for the majority of programs, though certain ones may specifically require a two-year experience.
What is the cost of Canadian PR?
After observing the recent increase in application fees imposed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), sending in a solitary application will lead to a total of C$2,140 in fees. This amount encompasses C$515 designated for acquiring permanent residence. Furthermore, an extra $1,365 CAD is necessary for a spouse’s application, along with an additional $230 CAD for each dependent child.
Evidence of financial resources is necessary to secure a public relations visa for entry into Canada.
Individuals seeking permanent residence (PR) through the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), as well as those with an existing work visa and job offer in Canada, are not obligated to provide documentation verifying their financial stability.
Individual applicants without a job offer under programs like FSWP, FSWT, or other immigration pathways must furnish evidence of $13,310 CAD, along with an extra CAD $3,586 per accompanying family member, including spouse, dependent children, or corporate applicants.

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