A former Liga 1 leader has identified the culprit behind Florinel Coman’s problems at FCSB

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The striker came riding in the Bucharest team, which paid in 2017 those of Viitorul Constanța no less than 3 million euros.

Florin Prunea, certainly regarding the problems that Florinel Coman has

Florin Prunea, the former president of Dinamo, spoke about the difficulties that Florinel Coman has encountered lately at FCSB.

“Florinel Coman is a completely different case from what we were talking about Băluță, Nedelcu and so on. What is happening to Florinel Coman is only happening because of him.

It’s Hagi’s fault for raising him the way he grew up. When he came to Steaua (non – FCSB) he also came for a very large amount, but his quality was also fantastic from a physical point of view. When he left, he innovated.

The only problem is with him. It’s not up to Hagi or… Players who left Hagi, of course, many haven’t confirmed externally, but going back to what you were saying earlier, this generation- the.

It was the final tournament that everyone was excited about. Let’s see how many footballers, from the goal, confirmed “, said Florin Prunea, according to Sport.ro.

What does Gică Hagi say about a return of Florinel Coman to Farul Constanța

Florinel Coman is trying to get back to his pre-injury form, but his performance hasn’t lived up to expectations.

Under these conditions, information recently appeared in the public space according to which the financier of the FCSB he would be tempted to lend Coman to the Lighthouse, in the mode of Dragoș Nedelcu. Gica Hagi, manager of Constanta, denied the rumor.

Forget it… We’re talking about a valuable FCSB player, these things don’t even make sense. I don’t think he’s one of their best players, even though he’s going through a bad period.

Don’t forget that Florinel Coman missed six, seven, eight months. He was FCSB’s best player before he got injured, if I’m not mistaken.

He was the top scorer and the best player. After being injured, you are going through a difficult period, those around you must be patient and help him get back on track. I know they had a really big offer, they didn’t give it…lots of money. Coman got the best of them, that’s all I know, I don’t know if I’m wrong.

About a year ago he was the best until he got injured, no one stopped him. We also played with them, what did he do to us then… He was in good shape, he had started in the national team“, said Gica Hagi, during the press conference at the end of the match Farul – University of Craiova 0-3.

  • 18 matches, one goal and two assists are Florinel Coman’s numbers this season at FCSB.
  • €3.5m is Coman’s market share, according to Transfermarkt.

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