Adi Petre, gross foul on Mirko Pigliacelli at Farul – University of Craiova: “How ugly!”

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Adi Petre, gross foul on Mirko Pigliacelli at Farul – University of Craiova: “How ugly!”

During extra time, there was an unfortunate move by Adrian Petre, Farul Constanța striker, especially since the score of the match was already 3-0 in favor of the team coached by Laurențiu Reghecampf .

The Constanța striker followed a ball aimed at Oltenian goalkeeper Mirko Pigliacelli. The home keeper was stunned after 27 minutes when he misjudged Adi Petre’s free kick and dived in the wrong direction.

The Oltenian keeper cried out in pain and collapsed on the pitch. The center of the game, Cătălin Popa, did not hesitate and showed the red card directly to the player of Farul Constanța.

Pigliacelli needed help off the pitch as an injury prevented him from finishing the game. However, at the end of the match, he was taken to hospital for further treatment.

What Laurențiu Reghecampf said about Adi Petre’s foul on Pigliacelli

In the interview at the end of the game, Laurențiu Reghecampf, the coach of Oltenia, said that the goalkeeper had an open wound. The University of Craiova coach called Adrian Petre’s entry ‘uninspired’ and downright unnecessary.

It’s an open wound. It was an uninspired attack from Adrian Petre. Too bad it’s the end of the game. He didn’t need that red either. I hope everything goes well for Pigliacelli and I will see him in the next team game“, transmitted Reghecampf, referring to the fault committed by Petre.

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