Anamaria Prodan, with Reghe junior, at the launch of the perfume! Harsh statements for Reghe and Corina Caciuc!

Anamaria Prodan has launched a new venture in the perfume industry, and at the event, held on Sunday April 17, the impresario also had his son, Reghe Jr., close to his attacks on Laurentiu Reghemcapf.

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Anamaria Prodan, with Reghe junior at the launch of the perfume!

Anamaria Prodan launched her new fragrance in an event hall in Alexandria. The impresario came accompanied by her son, Laurenţiu Reghecampf junior, from whom she has not been separated lately. She was with him and divorced!

Anamaria Prodan seemed extremely happy and excited, especially since she worked for this new company for eight months. With her were friends and relatives, including the Finns, Andreea and Viorel Bogăteanu.

Anamaria, together with the manufacturer, managed to create a perfume with a young, innocent, harmonious and contradictory aroma, full of the emotion of the memory of her mother, in whose honor she created this perfume.

Alexandria thus enters the list of cities that host the major launches of glamorous and fashionable products. With this new venture, Anamaria puts Alexandria on the Romanian lifestyle map.

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Anamaria Prodan, pointed message for Reghe and Corina Caciuc

Anamaria Prodan is determined to leave the past behind her, when it comes to Laurențiu Reghecampf, she said for Click! that Reghe is history, and after Easter the impresario wants to end the divorce as soon as possible.

“I want to end the divorce after Easter! I want this to be my Easter present. I forgave him, I don’t know how Reghe got close to such small people! We asked the lawyers to have a meeting next week to end this divorce!“said Anamaria Prodan for Click!

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Don’t go to trial with Caciuca!

Anamaria Prodan was sued a few months ago by Laurențiu Reghecampf’s mistress for defamation after the impresario made scandalous remarks about her past.

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Anamaria Prodan disregards these accusations and does not intend to appear at trial. Reghe’s mistress is currently pregnant with the couple’s first child and is due to give birth this year.

,,Who should I sue? I don’t even know when it is! I have no reason to introduce myself! Miss Caciuc to pursue her past, not me! Her past pulls her down! When Reghe entered a room with me it was calm, now he enters with shame. I wish her new child happiness and health. I hope he respects it, like my kids did“, Anamaria Prodan also mentioned.

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