Andreea Prisăcariu can’t wait for the duel with Iga Swiatek

With Irina Begu number 1, Romania can lead Poland with the world leader in the first day of the Federation Cup match. “We are going to be very smart! reserve Andreea Prisăcariu warns Iga Swiatek, her childhood friend turned world leader.

Rookie non-player captain, Horia Tecău surprised Polish world leader Iga Swiatek with the choice of Mihaela Buzărnescu as second to Irina Begu in a Romanian squad without 5 of the best players. “I’m in this role for the first time and I’m learning what it’s like to be a captain. The current situation, which is a bit special, makes us better prepared. I want to surprise you. The girls are motivated to do good matches,” Tecău said.

Andreea Prisăcariu warns Iga Swiatek ahead of Fed Cup

Andreea Prisăcariu continued with a hopeful speech.

“It doesn’t matter if he is world number one, 5, 10, 50, he really has no relevance. The idea is to give everything we have and the best on the pitch. Because we are strong and that together we will be very smart. I am honest, we are doing our job and God help us. Even if the team is as it is, you probably think that it is more complicated. Irina does not ignore the enormous stake of the match with Linette from the opening of the barrage but she cannot take into account the decisive importance that the dispute with Iga Swiatek will have at a possible equal score, 1-1”, she declared. Andreea Prisăcariu at a press conference.

A “left-handed” player, much more experienced and three times better ranked than Andreea Prisăcariu, Buzărnescu fought with the Polish WTA number 1 after Begu’s inaugural match against Magda Linette. The fates have been favorable for Romania: Begu, since the number 1 plays the first match against Magda Linette of which he has tactical details after the last direct match at Cleveland 2021.

Andreea Prisăcariu can’t wait for the duel with Iga Swiatek. Photo source: Romania Billie Jean King Cup Team

“I played in Cleveland last year, it was an extremely difficult game. She’s a player who really likes rhythm, important to vary. She’s a fighter, she moves well. It won’t be an easy game. She has many particularities… she is a player who moves extraordinarily, whether she is hard, slag, grass. It glides and has very good mobility. She is aggressive in the game, she serves well, she knows how to vary the game. She is a player who also advances. I would say she is a complete player,” added Irina Begu.