Bogdan Andone, precious advice for Octavian Popescu: “Bucharest steals suction cups!”. Which championship would best suit the FCSB footballer

Octavian Popescu is attracting strong interest from foreign teams but FCSB owner Gigi Becali is unwilling to give him less than €50m. Former Red-Blue coach Bogdan Andone has exclusively told ProSport News which league would suit the young Romanian football hopeful.

Only 19 years old Octavian Popescu scored 8 goals this Ligue 1 season and assists.

He also recently made his debut for the Romanian national teamduring the friendly match with Greece (score 0-1), where he was sent on the pitch by coach Edi Iordănescu.

Golden advice for Octavian Popescu by Bogdan Andone: “Bucharest steals suckers!”. Which championship would best suit the FCSB footballer

The fascinating career of the footballer also comes from a trust fund granted by the owner of FCSB Gigi Becali, who hopes to sell him in a strong championship for a colossal amount, as he has never seen Romanian football, respectively 50 million.

Thus, Bogdan Andone, former coach of the FCSB, affirms that Octavian Popescu must be serious and ignore the temptations which come, recalling a saying of the time when he was a footballer: “Bucharest steals suckers”. He also clarifies that a league that would suit the FCSB youngster very well is La Liga.

“These are the temptations, especially since it is Bucharest after all. When I was a player, there was a saying that said ‘Bucharest steals suckers’. You came from the province to Bucharest and, of course , you have come across life in the Capital, the nightlife, all the temptations that exist.If you are not balanced or have no one to balance you, you risk being tempted.

I think a championship like Spain would be good for him, we are Latinos, we like to play ball, as it is there. I think that would be a championship he would compete in,” Bogdan Andone told ProSport News.