Carlo Ancelotti responds to Antonio Cassano, after ex-Real Madrid player harshly attacked him

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The former Italy international says Real Madrid were playing a bad game and reached the UEFA Champions League semi-finals by luck. In addition, Cassano clarified that no player trained by Carlo Ancelotti has evolved under his orders.

  • January 2006 – July 2008 is when Antonio Cassano played for Real Madrid.

Carlo Ancelotti’s response to Antonio Cassano: “What does it mean to play well?”

At the pre-match press conference Sevilla – Real Madridof the 32nd round of La Liga, broadcast live on Digi Sport 2 at 10:00 p.m., Ancelotti replied to Cassano.

What does it mean to play well? For me, playing well means that my team is doing well with and without the ball. You can play well defensively. For example, in the first leg of the Manchester City – Atletico Madrid match, Atleti defended very, very well.

If you play well with the ball, but badly off the ball, then I don’t think you are playing well in general. Football means both attack and defense“, said the Real Madrid coach, according to Marca.

  • Bari, AS Roma, Real Madrid, Sampdoria, AC Milan, Inter, Parma and Verona are the teams Antonio Cassano has played for throughout his career.
  • Cassano has collected 39 caps and 10 goals for the Italian national team.

If they win in Andalucia, Real Madrid can be 15 points clear of the standings, while Sevilla can move up to second place, at least until the Barcelona-Cádiz match, scheduled for Monday.

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