Dan Petrescu changes goalkeeper in CFR Cluj derby

Dan Petrescu does not want to take any more risks in Sunday’s “title final” and introduces heavy artillery into the goal. From the information ProSportthe champion’s coach will give up, at least for this match, Otto Hindrich, the 19-year-old goalkeeper recently established at CFR Cluj.

The decision comes after the young goalkeeper scored 3 goals in the game with the University of Craiova, after which he can be blamed for the uncertain intervention of the first goal scored by the Cluj team.

Dan Petrescu, all or nothing decision for the Ligue 1 derby: Cristian Bălgrădean, holder with the FCSB

It would seem that Dan Petrescu has recalled Cristian Bălgrădean in the group, but also the Croatian Karlo Letica. Most likely, the trainer will be called Bălgrădeanconsidering the fact that the Croatian keeper hasn’t played any games at CFR.

However, it would not be excluded that Letica begins to defend itself, as soon as the play-outs are over, especially since the former goalkeeper of Hajduk Split, FC Bruges or Sampdoria has been transferred for the Cup matches. ‘Europe. His European experience is far superior and Neluțu Varga did not want to give it up, although Petrescu did not use it.

Otto Hindrich has dropped Dan Petrescu’s plans for the CFR Cluj – FCSB derby. Cristian Bălgrădean will be the starting goalkeeper. Image source: SportPictures

Hindrich, changed even after 3-3 with the FCSB. Bălgrădean has not played for 10 games

The coach opted to play with Hindrich to verify the Under-21 rule, even though he had more experienced goalkeepers, who provide more security. A compromise so that the other positions in the team are generally not influenced by the under-21s.

However, this is not the first time that the young goalkeeper has been removed from the team following a failed derby. Bălgrădean is back in goal and after FCSB – CFR 3-3, when Hindrich could be blamed for two of the goals conceded.

Bălgrădean then played two games and then Petrescu again turned to the 19-year-old goalkeeper. The former FCSB keeper didn’t catch up with the CFR side for 10 games as young Sava was chosen as a reserve.