Dan Petrescu gave in nervously after CFR Cluj

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CFR Cluj – FCSB 0-1 | Dan Petrescu gave in nervously: ‘If that happens, I’ll stop coaching’

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The red-blues have moved closer to the Gruia group by two points, with 5 stages to play until the end of the championship.

After the game, Dan Petrescu harshly accused the referee. The CFR coach was happy with the game so far, but still wanted to change the line-up. Darius Olaru did not receive a red card.

At the final press conference, Dan Petrescu gave in nervously and only talked about refereeing: “If our opponent turns red in a match played by us away, I stop coaching!”

“I have never seen a red card in my life like this, in such an important game where the title is at stake. I don’t understand how you can give a red card at such a stadium, it’s unbelievable. We have received 100 fouls like this in the league and the maximum was yellow. You can’t influence a result with such a decision and it ruined the game, in my opinion.

The referee gave the visitors the lead after 5 minutes. It doesn’t seem fair. Petrila escaped alone with the keeper and after a minute they whistled: “Wait, there was no shit. Let’s escape with the guardian.’ We weren’t allowed to score. There are things that upset me and are decisive things in the history of a team and in a difficult year for us, in which we worked hard, losing in this way. A match was fair today.

(Reporter: It was a result influenced by the refereeing?) How not, normal… if you turn red without being red. I can be suspended, unsuspended, I don’t care. You don’t care about such a match. In Romania, if the pressure is put on the referee… whoever put the pressure on wins, congratulations to them. We keep quiet and see how we are treated. If we ever get a red card on the road then I will stop coaching my opponent. It does not happen to us, neither penalty nor red. The referee was influenced by statements before the game “said Dan Petrescu, after CFR – FCSB 0-1.

Images of the end of the match CFR – FCSB 0-1

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