Darius Olaru, the transfer of life

Darius Olaru could transfer his career if he continues his impressive form in the last Ligue 1 matches. The FCSB midfielder hopes to reach his favorite Spanish league soon.

The revelation was made in an interview for LPF, and Gigi Becali’s new favorite does not hide his big dream. Until then, Darius Olaru hopes to fully contribute to winning the title 27, the number he chose on the shirt.

Darius Olaru, the transfer of life: he dreams of playing in Spain

The 24-year-old has already been targeted by several teams. Turin in Serie A is the most interested That much.

“As a style of play, I think of Spain, although I also like the English league a lot. However, before talking about leaving, I would very much like to win the 27th title in the history of the club. I chose the number that I wear on my back with this in mind and it would certainly be a great joy. And a dream come true!” Darius Olaru told lpf.ro.

Gigi Becali started appreciate more and more Darius Olaruafter the last performances.

“I think Darius Olaru… I was saying about two weeks ago the best is Tavi Popescu. Now I say the best is Darius Olaru. I say Olaru, because you can’t lose to him in the team. And if you also have a Tavi Popescu, and a Tănase, and if you also have one, let me think that I do not know what to say… These are, not to mention the others. You have three exponential players, from value, and that’s enough to win the championship,” Gigi Becali told Pro Arena. A few days ago.