“Eight against one! Luis Enrique reacted immediately after seeing derby footage concluded ‘in the worst way possible’


The date of publication: Sunday, April 17, 2022, 11:22 p.m.

Update date: Sunday, April 17, 2022, 11:26 p.m.

by Ionut Axinescu

Luis Enrique reacted immediately after the Asturian derby violence

After that, you could see that Oviedo players were more interested in killing time than scoring more goals. A gesture that angered the players of Gijón. No less than eight of them ran over him, “cornered” him and even hit the keeper.

Femenias only escaped the wrath of Gijón after the intervention of their coach, José Ángel Ziganda, who dismissed the aggressors. Tempers were so high that the police had to enter the pitch and, in order to calm the situation, they jostled several hosts players.

But what is it ?

“A shameful and unfortunate thing happened to Joan Femenias at the end of the derby. Eight against one. I hope sanctions will follow”wrote, at the end of the game, the journalist Edu Polo.

Spanish coach Luis Enrique reacted quickly to the images on his Twitter account. Born in Gijón, the former Barcelona coach congratulated Oviedo on the win. “Happy Sunday! Long live Asturias!”wrote Luis Enrique, above an image with two children dressed in the shirts of the two rivals.

Congratulation to @RealOviedo for his victory and good Sunday. Puxa Asturias! pic.twitter.com/bSyGWsUni0

Fierce rivalry between Gijón and Oviedo. “I don’t know how to win!”

The rivalry between Sporting Gijon and Real Oviedo is one of the fiercest and tensest in Spain. Thousands of Oviedo fans celebrated the derby victory in the streets of the city.

The Gijón club said it regretted the violence at the end of the match and announced that it “rejects any action contrary to the values ​​which must exist in sport”. Sports officials also pointed out that “In football, it is important to know how to lose, but also to know how to win”in reference to the arrogant behavior of the people of Oviedo.

Instead, one of the hosts’ players, Jean-Sylvain Babin, said in the post-match interview: “They wanted to celebrate the victory in front of our gallery and we don’t accept that. I don’t know how to win”.

Following the attack on the Oviedo keeper, two hosts players were ruled out by the referee, after consulting the VAR system. Sporting Gijón are only ranked 17th in the second league and have no chance of making the qualifiers.