Exclusive video | Ion Crăciunescu, outraged by the statements of Andreea Prisăcariu. “The expression was disgusting”

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Ion Crăciunescu, outraged by the statements of Andreea Prisăcariu. “It was disgusting”

Non-playing captain Horia Tecău has encountered several squad problems, as Simona Halep, Gabriela Ruse, Jaqueline Cristian and Sorana Cîrstea are unavailable.

Under these conditions, Andreea Prisăcariu (22 years old, 324 WTA) has been called up for the first time and will play the doubles match, alongside Andreea Mitu.

At the press conference preceding the confrontation in Poland, Prisăcariu caused laughter with his statements, and the expression “we will be very smart” aroused many reactions.

Live from Digi Sport, former international referee Ion Crăciunescu severely criticized the attitude and statements of Andreea Prisăcariu.

“We heard about trickery in tennis. We said it was a very serious sport, more sober, like that. But this expression, at this level, when you represent the country… the expression was disgusting, not uninspired,” she left. a bitter taste, what would you advise him to say?

Tecău is really a gentleman and I felt embarrassed by this moment. Tecău is an educated guy”declared Ion Crăciunescu, during the program Fotbal Club.

Andreea Prisăcariu, controversial speech before the Poland-Romania confrontation

Forgive me, but I’ve been laughing for 10 minutes the whole time. I want to listen to Horia, our captain… Woe to me! And, to be honest, even though the team is like…

You probably think it’s more complicated, but the questions were such that it would sound more negative if you asked me. I am a very positive person. It doesn’t matter if it’s world number one, whether it’s 5, 10 or 50, it really doesn’t matter.

The idea is to give everything we can and the best we have on the pitch. Let’s do our best. Whether we win or not… in the end it’s an experience for me. I will learn from them, from Horia, from our coaches. It’s the first time I’ve been in this position, I want to be happy, to be eyes and ears.

Of course, each of us feels some pressure, but it’s okay, after all, that’s tennis, which is the easiest to manage. And we, because we’re still strong, I think we’ll be very smart. You can interpret as you wish. We do our job and God help us“, said Andreea Prisăcariu, during the press conference.

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