Exclusive video | Ionuț Chirilă: “If someone was smart in Clinceni and listened to me, Dinamo was demoted today! 100%!”

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Chirilă was sacked by the Ilfov club management after not achieving any wins under him for around two months. The technician didn’t easily come to terms with the idea and insisted on preparing the team more, but he wasn’t allowed to enter the Clinceni Academy training base.

  • Academica Clinceni with 7 losses and Ionuț Chirilă recorded 7 losses and two draws on the technical bench.

Ionuț Chirilă: “If someone was smart in Clinceni and listened to me, Dinamo was demoted today!”

Nearly four and a half months after parting ways with the Clinceni team, Ionuț Chirilă revealed that, had he been kept in the Ilfov group, the project he would have wanted to set up would have been step by step follow. times were announced at Dinamo, who got rid of direct relegation emotions due to financial problems at Gaz Metan Mediaș and Academica.

If someone was smart in Clinceni and listened to me, and respected a project, Dinamo was relegated today for sure, it was no longer in the play-off. I tell you 100%! Surely (no, he thinks Academica Clinceni would have overtaken Dinamo in the standings)!“, Said Ionuț Chirilă, to Digi Sport Matinal.

VIDEO Ionuț Chirilă, about the situation at Dinamo

What are the conditions for Ionuț Chirilă to be able to train in Romania?

Two days ago, Ionuț Chirilă spoke about his return to training and said on what conditions he would be willing to accept a new engagement. At the same time, the technician also identified the main problem in Romanian football at the moment.

“I would still train in Romania. But to benefit from human conditions, with not a lot of money, because you have to produce money, not just spend. I think I have reached the maturity to lead a team where the balance of expenditure to be equal.

The aberrations and sums of Romanian football lead to the situation we have arrived at. The fact that we are bringing in outdated players that no one in the world wants anymore, instead of talented players, has repercussions on the national teams, which have not qualified for a World Championship for 20 years. We don’t build players. And we are going to naturalize. Like with Camora.

The young Romanian players remain at the stage of hopes, because they are not trained at a high level. We must export players at 19-20 to return to the national team at 22.”said Ionuţ Chirilă.

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