FCSB was unhappy with game delegation – Istvan Kovacs

CFR Cluj – FCSB is the derby of the fifth stage of the Ligue 1 play-offs, a very important match for both teams in the fight to win the championship.

Istvan Kovacs is the appointed referee with the help of the FCSB and the officials do not agree with this delegation. Mihai Stoica and Gigi Becali were happy that Carei’s referee will be the center of this important game.

The FCSB remembered Kovacs’ mistakes in the referee’s game and the hard work he allowed them to do.

Mihai Stoica and Gigi Becali unhappy with Istvan Kovacs’ delegation to the CFR Cluj derby – FCSB

Mihai Stoica, General Manager of FCSB, expressed his opinion on the delegation of Istvan Kovacs during the match FCSB – CFR. The official is not surprised by the choice of those of the CCA, but he would have preferred another referee in the middle of a decisive match for the championship.

“It just came to our knowledge at that time. They could referee three. Colțescu, if he relies on the experience and the season he has had this year. Radu Petrescu, referee of the FIFA. Besides Hațegan and Kovacs, who is the third referee? I tell you, Radu Petrescu. When I saw that Radu Petrescu was delegated to Craiova – CFR and when I discovered with astonishment that Sebastian Colțescu was delegated to the big derby between FCSB and Voluntari, I realized that Istvan Kovacs will referee the game at CFR.

I have many problems. But that doesn’t surprise me at all. The last match refereed by Istvan Kovacs, at the CFR – FCSB, with this handball in Camora and the penalty invented in Miron… it is not even debatable. In the first phase of the match, Susic, with a brutal attack on Octavian Popescu, did not give a foul!” Mihai Stoica told OrangeSport.

Neither Gigi Becali, the boss of the red-blues, he didn’t dodge this topic. The owner considers Kovacs’ way of refereeing to be in the Cluj style.

“It is clear that the CFR leaves with an advantage. Because it has men, we still have children, we cannot rush the maturity of certain players”, declared Gigi Becali.