“Final” for the title, in Ghencea. “I will do it”

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Gigi Becali wants to grant Tănase’s wish: the “final” for the title, in Ghencea. “I will do it”

FCSB will play the last round of the season with CFR Cluj, on their own ground, but not in the National Arena. The largest stadium in the country will be occupied at this time by a major music festival.

The captain of the red-blue said that under these conditions, he would like this match to be played at Steaua Stadium.

Gigi Becali (63) does not want to think about such a hypothesis now, but she specifies that she will take it into account if the players wish.

“It just came to our knowledge at the time. No one can do what they want in the end. I don’t care right now. I don’t want a scandal. If so and that we have to play Ghencea, I tell you that we will play Ghencea.

Nobody can do that. When I intervene, it will happen. But now I don’t want a scandal. But when I want to play in my country, in a stadium, I will.”Becali said at Pro Arena.

Gigi Becali: “Is it the minister here? We are writing a letter to the government”

The Pipera millionaire also made it clear that he is not intimidated by pressure from those in the MApN for the FCSB not to have access to Ghencea.

“Is this the minister here? What, we can’t write letters to the government, to the president? Ask to play Ghencea?

They can’t do what they want. If Tănase wants us to play it, we will play it. I am interested in justice in my country. I pay tens, hundreds of millions of euros in taxes.

But, I hope in the last stage, we will only play a demo match. Maybe Viitorul and Farul and Craiova beat CFR and it’s over”, Becali also said.

VIDEO with the summary of the match CFR Cluj – FCSB 0-1

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