Financial report of Hermannstadt, presented by the president of AFAN

An alarming announcement has been made by AFAN President Emilian Hulubei regarding the situation at FC Hermannstadt. 2nd in the Ligue 2 play-off, Sibiu risks bankruptcy given the situation in which it currently finds itself: insolvency and unpaid salaries of footballers.

FC Hermannstadt, difficult financial situation! Emilian Hulubei talks about bankruptcy

Even among the Hermannstadts, it has been recognized that there are backlogs to players, and the public news made by Emilian Hulubei puts an end to the “i’s” in terms of the extent of the problems there. Because it is insolvent, FC Hermannstadt has an obligation not to delay payments to employees, and this detail has already happened.

The debt for which the Sibiu club went into bankruptcy is of the order of millions of euros, and the other debts accumulated after the insolvency request will weigh seriously in the periodic analysis made by the competent authorities. Bankruptcy is the word spoken by Emilian Hulubei, which certainly gives chills to the leaders, but also to the players who still have money to take from the club.

Oil wouldn’t sit well with finances either

Moreover, the leader of Petrolul does not seem to be financially fit either. Hulubei made it clear that things aren’t just milk and honey. If a certain AFAN approach, which will be presented in Hulubei’s statement in the following, comes into force, it will cause even more problems for teams with a difficult financial situation.

Hermannstadt presented the reorganization plan. But, as far as I know, they have a three-month debt to the players. Normally, wages must be paid on time in the event of insolvency. But don’t comply, you have to take legal action, the court gives seven warrants.

He should go bankrupt. The roller coaster is going all the way to the civil courts and salaries are still not being paid on time. An insolvent club has certain facilities of a civil court, which has nothing to do with sport and does not know that if players are not paid the integrity of the competition is affected. And bankruptcy is hard to come by.

The insolvency law needs to be changed, that’s where we need to go. We can establish in the Executive Committee that insolvent teams do not have the right to participate in Ligue 1, but then the club sue you. But we can intervene through a legislative initiative on insolvency law.

In order to avoid the situation in Hermannstadt and Petrol, a financial follow-up should be done every three months, in order to have an exact situation of the club, as the follow-up of UEFA does. We have advanced in the discussions, we are trying to set up the LaLiga system in Romania, concerning the debts. The problem can be solved thanks to the TV rightssaid Emilian Hulubei at Digi Sport.

FC Hermannstadt have not paid their players since January. Three months past due

The situation of FC Hermannstadt has been comprehensively presented in an exclusive article ProSport. The money that hadn’t been in the players’ accounts for months caused them to react and not train at a meeting of “principal” Marius Măldărășanu.

Also, it was rumored that President Dănuț Coman had left the city for Bucharest, but later he came back to the team and posed for a training session, to give assurance that everything was fine.

Dani Coman and the special manager are now in charge of the team. Yes (no – asked if it’s quiet in the team). Dani Coman was in morning training, he talked to the players, as far as I know. There is no problem!

Typically Romanian, they have a month and a half of arrears, their salaries are paid in January. Dissatisfaction is all the time. It would be important for City to return to the Premier League, more people will come to the team“said Claudiu Rotar, one of the shareholders of the Sibiu team, the other day.

Despite financial problems, FC Hermannstadt is ranked 2nd in Ligue 2

FC Hermannstadt are the fittest team in the Ligue 2 play-off, with eight points to their right after four legs, after 2-0 with Unirea Slobozia, 2-1 with Concordia Chiajna, 0-0 with Petrolul and 0-0 with “U” Cluj.

Before the start of the 5th round of the promotion group, FC Hermannstadt ranks 2nd, with 49 points, five behind leaders Petrolul. At the same time, Sibiu have a point behind the last team on the podium, “U” Cluj.

In the 5th round, FC Hermannstadt will face Steaua, in Ghencea.

Photo: Valentin Macrea / Sport Pictures