Gabi Torje found the culprits after Dinamo reached the play-off

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After the match in Mioveni, Gabi Torje announced that the players had to put behind everything that had happened this season and focus strictly on The “double” that awaits them at the dam.

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Gabi Torje found the culprits after Dinamo reached the play-off

As for the culprits of Dinamo’s current situation, Gabi Torje named the squad’s players and coaches.

A heavy defeat, we only have the barrage now. We don’t look back, we just think about the dam. It’s not my job to analyze what’s happening on the pitch, I just have to do my job on the pitch, no matter how much I play, 10 minutes, a whole game.

If I’m not in the team, I have to train as best I can. We are all guilty, except those who did everything to keep this team in Ligue 1, I mean the supporters, the people who helped the club financially and those who took care of the reorganizationsaid Gabi Torje.

Who can Dinamo play in the play-off?

At the end of the play-outs, Dinamo’s only objective remains to obtain seventh position, now occupied by Chindia, who has nine points more.

If they remain in eighth place, Dinamo will play in the play-off against the third occupant of Ligue 2, U Cluj in the current hierarchy. A possible opponent is also Hermannstadt, who are only one point behind the team coached by Erik Lincar.

In case of seventh place, Dinamo would play against fourth place in Ligue 2. Now the position is occupied by CSA Steaua, who do not have the right to promotion, so the opponent would most likely be Concordia Chiajna.

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