Gabi Torje, message for fans after Dinamo play in relegation game: “We agree that they curse us! It’s easy to leave! »


The date of publication: Friday, April 15, 2022, 11:10 p.m.

Update date: Friday, April 15, 2022, 11:39 p.m.

Dinamo lost the fifth round of the qualifiers, 0-2 with CS Mioveni, and missed the chance to save themselves straight from relegation. And this failure upset Gabriel Torje (32 years old). The ‘dogs’ player is grateful that the fans have kept Ștefan cel Mare’s team alive, but he disagrees with the ‘treatment’ he offered the players during this time.

Gabriel Torje: “I’m a fan too, but I didn’t insult any player!”

“We are all guilty except those who did their best to keep Dinamo in Ligue 1. They did everything they could, we failed to live up to expectations. I think now, at the 12th hour we should wake up and win the remaining matches.

The fans are pissed off, as always, that’s normal. We understand that they criticize us, but we mustn’t swear in front of them, as if we didn’t want to play. I’m a fan too and I watch Dinamo matches, but I haven’t insulted any player. If we didn’t want to play anymore, we wouldn’t be here. It would be very easy to leave.

It doesn’t matter what it was before, what I said before. I still have the same ambition, but the position in the standings is a bit limited by the results we have. We have to motivate ourselves, we all have to come together, we have to be able to save the team. It doesn’t matter what Gabi Torje does this summer. The important thing is that we are all attached to a single objective, that of saving Dinamo. We have to save this difficult season. »said Gabriel Torje at the end of the match.

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