Gabriela Cristea brought her granddaughters into the show she presents. Sensational pictures with the little ones of the Mireasa house – Capriciile Iubirii / PHOTO

  • Gabriela Cristea at work with her daughters
  • How the TV presenter’s daughters had fun

Gabriela Cristea is present daily on small screens, presenting the show Mireasa – Capriciile Iubirii every evening. Well, in addition to the job she has, she is above all a mother, so today she is putting things in place!

The daughters of Gabriela Cristea, in the house of the Bride – Les Caprices de l’Amour

Today, for the first time for anyone watching The Bride – Les Caprices de l’amour, Gabriela Cristea had two special guests, namely her daughters, because she had to combine business with pleasure. , as they say of ancient ancestors.

If until now the two girls stayed with their father when Gabriela Cristea was at work, this time both parents had no choice, because Tavi Clonda was filming, where he could not pay attention to them, so they found this solution.

How Gabriela Cristea’s little ones had fun

Although they were quite small, the two girls made no noise and played well, without interrupting the beautiful TV presenter at work. Moreover, not only did they do their own work, but they also stayed with several people behind the show, taking advantage of the time when their mother did not see them.

The two made up and then surprised Gabriela Cristea, the contestants on the set of the show being really surprised by their sociability and their beauty, so they did not hide from anyone, not even from the cameras, a sign that he will follow the traces of his parents.

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