Gaz Metan Live Video Online in stage 5 of the Ligue 1 play-out

Rapid made the show on their own ground with Gaz Metan Mediaș, score 8-0, in the 5th round of the Ligue 1 play-offs. Following the result recorded this evening, the players of Giuleşti remain in first place in the play-offs and they have a chance to catch the European Cup.

Rapide – Gaz Métan 8-0 (Vojtus ’12, Ilie ’37 ’50, Carnat ’40 ’49. Moise ’66, Dandea ’75, Morais ’90 +1)

Min. 90 + 3. Game over!

Min. 90 + 1. GOOOL FAST! Morais also puts his name on the scoreboard.

Min. 79. Belu scores, but the goal is canceled because the goalkeeper considers that the ball has not crossed the entire circumference of the goal line.

Min. 75. GOOOL FAST! Dandea scores with a header.

Min. 66. QUICK GOAL! Romario Moise shoots from long range but it will take something special to beat Mark who recovers it with ease.

Min. 50. GOOOL FAST! Rareș Ilie dribbles the goalkeeper and achieves the “double”.

Min. 49. GOOOL FAST! Carnat succeeds the “double” after an excellent pass from Vojtus.

Min. 45. The second half has begun.

Min. 45. Break.

Min. 40. GOOOL FAST! Vojtus went out in front of the portal, where appeared Carnat, the one who performs a simple formality.

Min. 37. GOOOL FAST! Rareș Ilie scores after a superb combination made with Cristi Săpunaru and Albu.

Min. 22. Kait heads the ball over a corner but the ball hits the bar.

Min. 19. Dragoș Grigore heads for Bumbar’s goal after a cross from Rareș Ilie, but Gaz Metan goalkeeper manages to clear the ball.

Min. 12. GOOOL FAST! Vojtus opened the scoring with a header after an excellent pass from Rareș Ilie.

Min. 3. Alexandru Ioniță is injured and is taken off the pitch for treatment.

Min. 1. The game has started!

Starting teams Rapid – Gaz Métan

The match can be watched in Live Video Online format at www.prosport.roand on television it is broadcast live by Digi Sport 1, Orange Sport 1 and Look+.

Rapid – Gaz Metan Live Online Video of Ligue 1 Play-off Stage 5

Rapid has an easy mission at the end of the fifth stage of the play-out, and will face Gaz Metan. The inhabitants of Medies they are already demoted and they only aim to finish this season on the pitch. The invitees are largely based on young players who fail to reach Ligue 1 level.

The Giulești team thus has the chance to coagulate its playing relations before the end of the season. In the context where the centenary year follows for Rapid, the leaders dream that the team will manage to qualify for the Conference League in the 2022-2023 season, where they have a chance of reaching if they finish the play-outs in one of the first two positions .

Watch HERE the most important phases live online video!

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