Gigi Becali, praise and apology live for the referee of the CFR – FCSB: “Kovacs gave the doctorate in front of me!”


The date of publication: Monday, April 18, 2022, 11:00 p.m.

Update date: Monday, April 18, 2022, 11:47 a.m.

FCSB won 1-0 against CFR, thanks to the goal scored by Octavian Popescu (19). Thus, 5 games from the end, the students of Toni Petrea (46) have come within 2 points of the leader of Ligue 1.

The decision of Istvan Kovacs (37) to eliminate Susic (31) in the 43rd minute, after a heavy foul on Darius Olaru (24), was strongly criticized by Dan Petrescu (54) and Cristian Balaj. (50 years) years). However, Gigi Becali (63) contradicts Cluj officials and claims that the refereeing of Carei’s ‘powerhouse’ was exemplary.

  • Gigi Becali

Gigi Becali: “The future of Kovacs will be bright!”

“For the first time I want to apologize to Kovacs. I say he has been a great referee for 10-15 years, but now I want to apologize. I had my suspicions, it turned out to be correct “He brushed aside all suspicion. It was a crucial game for his future. His future will be bright. I’m not talking about the World Cup, I’m talking about his future in Romania. He protested last night.

We all have sins. At some point we have to get rid of the old coat. He erased all the sins for me last night. Very dignified, very fair, very vigilant, very professional. We also need to understand Dan Petrescu. Coaches are subjective.

Whatever Kovacs does, I won’t say another word. He gave me my doctorate. He is a doctor. I don’t say a word to him anymore. The press said that the best on the pitch was Kovacs, he forgot about the players. Those who are against me will never be with the FCSB again. »Gigi Becali told Exact Time in Sports at PRO Arena.

VIDEO – Intervention of Gigi Becali in the show Ora Exactă în Sport