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Article GSP – Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2022 9:47 PM / Updated on Sunday, April 17, 2022 10:49 PM

Marius Măldărășanu (46), the coach of FC Hermannstadt and former important footballer at Rapid, “stings” Dinamo, the possible opponent of the dam for maintenance / promotion in Ligue 1.

  • The occupants of the 3rd and 4th places of the play-off of the second league (except Steaua, which have no right to promotion) will face the teams placed 7th and 8th of the play-off of Ligue 1
  • There will be home and away matches, and the winners will play the next edition of Ligue 1.

FC Hermannstadt won today in Ghencea, 4-1 against those of CSA Steaua. He consolidated his second place, directly promoted, but coach Marius Măldărășanu does not fear a possible barrage against Dinamo.

Daniel Oprița, angry at shame with Hermannstadt: “At least I found out.  I know what's coming next summer.  I don't play other people's games!

Steaua – Hermannstadt 1-4

Daniel Oprița, angry at shame with Hermannstadt: “At least I found out. I know what’s coming next summer. I don’t play other people’s games!”

Marius Măldărășanu: ‘How many teams should be dissolved for Dinamo?’

“It just came to our knowledge at that time. It’s Dinamo, a big traditional club, but how many teams haven’t knocked it down? Oil, Rapide, UTA. Cluj has been in Ligue 2 since so many years, what’s the problem?

Normally Dinamo fans don’t like that. But you have been tormented for 2-3 years. Maybe it’s a sign that you have to go through this too. Teams don’t have to be dissolved for Dinamo to stay in the Premier League! Let’s take the good too, ”said Marius Măldărășanu, at a press conference.

We are fighting for Cluj in second place. It depends on what they will do tomorrow. There is pressure on them this time, but you have to keep your head on your shoulders. There are only three days left before the match with Slobozia, on a ground where no one wins much. Very difficult terrain. We’ll see. I hope we get over boys, soon
– Marius Măldărășanu, coach of FC Hermannstadt

What the Ligue 2 standings look like after CSA Steaua – Hermannstadt

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