“I taught him how to do sit-ups!”

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The two were very good friends, and CR7 even saw in the Romanian footballer an example to follow. This is how the Lusitano began his obsession with a carefully designed body.

Marius Niculae taught Cristiano Ronaldo how to do abs!

Marius Niculae said that thanks to him came Cristiano Ronaldo perform hundreds or even thousands of abdomens daily. ‘Arrow’ was used to it since he practiced judo, and Cristiano didn’t want to lose sight of it.

Even though he didn’t manage to do so many abs for Niculae at that time, Cristiano excelled in other physical events, where the Romanian didn’t have an answer.

Many ask me questions about Cristiano Ronaldo, especially since I was a colleague of his at Sporting and I explain to them that apart from his talent, he worked very, very hard. I did a thousand sit-ups with him before or after training. He knows it from me. He did abdomens, but not a thousand.

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Why? In judo, the sport I practiced before football, to go from one belt to another you had to do a thousand abs and 150 push-ups. I used to do it here too. Being roommates, he stayed with me for a long time, I took him from my house, I drove him home, he was not old enough to drive a car.

I knew he was going to grow up, because I saw him. I was impressed by something else, the strength of my feet. When you come back from vacation, you give evidence. I was training anyway, because I was training with my dad. I expected to be the first and when I look at the lists I see Ronaldo. And I started to understand who was doing the tests“said Marius Niculae, according to Fanatik.

Marius Niculae transferred to Sporting Lisbon from Dinamo for more than 5 million euros. In his debut season, he scored 10 goals in 22 games and had already started stealing the eyes of the European giants.

Unfortunately, Marius Niculae got injured when the game got more physical, and he had to leave the pitch. After Sporting, there were adventures at Standard Liège, Mainz, Inverness, Dinamo, Kavala, Vaslui, Shandong, Goverla and even Dinamo.

He collected 44 games and 15 goals for the Romanian national team.

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